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Just came back from church from celebrating such an important day for Catholics, because Mary, Mother of Jesus, was chosen because she was pure and free from the Original Sin, for having no knowledge of any sin, her heart was white as the snow and she was able to open it, listen to the angle and receive the Holy Spirit.


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Just spent a day and a half in NJ and went there for moral support. A very good, almost family friend´s mother passed away and of course, had to be there for my girl. It was bittersweet since it was all out of the blue and seeing them under these circumstances was tough. I miss my friends and of course family still in NJ, and wish I could spend more time with them.

I just saw on FB that a girl I went to HS, her mom died too, and I can only imagine how hard it must be, but at the same time, we need to see the good in the bad. Death is a natural part of life, and we will all be gone in one way or another.  We just need to take these moments, right now, and spend it with loved ones. Tell the people that are far away that you love and miss them, even if you haven´t seen them in a week, a month, a year, or even more, if they ever held a place in your heart, even slightly good, then let them know.

Had a few hours to see my nephews and again, bittersweet, they are extremely beautiful, and I wish I could´ve spent more time with my bro and them.  One thing, can’t go back when it’s 19 degrees, it was just too cold for me. Don’t even know how I lived 20+ years up there, it’s just freaking ridiculous.  P.S: might need to go up sooner than later LOL  ;(

But at the end of the day, this post is to get people to appreciate all those that are around you. Life is way, way too short, it goes by really fast, and we are not God, so we don’t know when our time will come, but it will, and because we sometimes think that we have the power over anything (p.s: we don´t) we forget to give thanks for each and every day that God blesses us with.

So… stay still, give thanks to God, kiss, hug, or call those that you love today! 









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I have the one that says on my laptop


 and at work I have the one that says:


I work besides a kid (20+) that his ¨goal¨in life is to be a billionaire, that´s what he told me today, and I showed him the wallpaper on my desktop, and I said, so?? and he just gave me a chuckle…. I turned around and said, you will never be happy. Apparently he didn´t hear me, so I turned to him, and said it again, money will not buy you happiness.

But, then I said to him, you are young, living it up, but I just hope that you learn from your mistakes, although, we just love to live with absolutely no care about what happens to our soul because of our actions. We know exactly when we are doing wrong, but we still do it, because it’s just easier to give in than to fight temptation. At the end of the day, I told him that I would pray for him, because no matter what I say, his heart, ears, and eyes are closed to God. 

I had been there, I did exactly the same things he is doing now, and now I see… but I guess we all have to literally dig our own hole in order to ask for help and change our ways. 

Anyways, enjoy these free wallpapers by checking this link GODSFINGERPRINTS

Night night and God Bless!